How It Works


Setting up your account

Joining TransferWorld is quick and simple. Your account will be set up in minutes.


Depositing Funds

Select a currency of your choosing. You will be able to fund your account by using one of the several funding methods available.


Send and receive Payments Online

You are done! You will now be able to send and receive funds worldwide, in a fast and secure manner.

Why choose TransferWorld

Customer Service & support above all

We offer dedicated customer services with our kind & professional customer service team. We ensure a trustworthy, personal and quick customer service experience to ensure any response to any issue.

Full KYC Process

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy ensures we identify and verify the identity of all our clients. As the significance of KYC is an increasingly important aspect of any financial business, we carry out the necessary actions to meet the latest KYC standards.

Best Rates and Fees

Our tools offer the most affordable fees and rates found online for comparable services. Our worldwide partnerships and connections permit us to offer precise, competitive and favourable live currency exchange rates on your account.