Documents required to open business account

In order to open a business account, you will need to provide us with account opening documents. On this page we summed up all the necessary documents that should be uploaded to TransferWorld in order to complete your registration.

  1. Online application form (must be filled online).

  2. High-quality coloured scan of your passport.

    Image requierments:

    • High-resolution coloured scan copy.

    • Clear image, not blurry, no shadows or light flashes.

    • No cropping (all zones and corners must be clearly visible).

    • EU/EEA Residents can use Residence Permit / ID card front and back scan.

  3. Proof of address / Utility Bill – bank reference letter, bank statement, phone or electricity bill. Documents must not be older than 90 days.

  4. Corporate documents for business account

    • Certificate of incorporation

    • Memorandum and articles of association

    • License URL / Document – If business activity required a license.

    • Any other relevant corporate documents depending on the country of registration

    • Supporting documents on clients/suppliers (such as invoices, contracts, draft contracts).

  5. Documents for initial funding (if the first transfer is from an existing corporate bank account, a bank statement is needed, or if first transfer is from your client, an invoice or contract is needed).

  6. Live verification process - Taking a clear photo of your Passport / Residence Permit (EU/EEA) / ID Card (EU/EEA) with all the necessary information visible, and verifying your identity by taking a photo of your face.