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How to get started

Verifying your identity is as simple as taking a clear photo of your Passport / ID Card, while ensuring necessary credentials are visible, and then verifying you are the owner of those identification papers by taking a new picture of your face

Transferring funds to your account your account on our payment platform is as easy as it gets. All you need is under "my account" page where you will find your account details, sort code and all you need for international payments as well!

Easily open a personal account by providing the following documents:
  1. Our online application form
  2. Photo scan of your passport, must be high-res, clear, colored, uncropped, without shadows or reflections.
  3. Proof of address – Bank statement or Utility bill (water, electricity, gas, landline phone) dated within 3 months.
  4. Live verification by taking a clear photo of your Passport / ID Card, while ensuring necessary credentials are visible, and then verifying you are the owner of those identification papers by taking a selfie with your id document at eye level.

The amount of time required for funds to reach your account depends on several variables, such as the country of the outgoing financial institution and the procedures they work by, the currency used, intermediary financial institutions if any, the time of the workday the transaction was carried out at, and details specific to the transaction at question.

Our standard fees and rates pricing are published on our website and are subject to change. Enterprise businesses will receive custom pricing upon request. Additional costs and fees may apply as a result of your choice and use of our services. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions regarding pricing.

Technical Issues

In case of changing a phone number and losing access to an old phone number, you will need to send an email to our support team. The email must contain:
  • Your new phone number as well as the old one.
  • An in-depth explanation as to how you lost access to the old phone number or why you’d like to have it changed.
  • A selfie image of you holding your passport / ID card, making sure all of the details featured in the identification document are clearly visible and uncovered.

Basic issues could be related to the type of browser you are using – our website works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. The next issue you might encounter can be solved by enabling cookies or first clearing cache and cookies and then enabling cookies or alternatively using Incognito mode, also known as private browsing. In some cases, extensions installed on your browser, such as ad-blockers, might cause interface issues. If these issues don't resolve the problem you are encountering, we might be facing a technical issue which we will work hard to resolve, as fast as possible. In the off chance we are not aware of the issue, contact us with information about the problem you are facing and with screenshots of the issue.

There are several reasons why an SMS verification code might not reach your number when you have entered it correctly. These include: lack of signal of your mobile service provider – try to move it to a better spot. Travelling abroad might be an additional reason as your roaming mode might be blocked or you have not arranged for a local service provider. Try to use your default local provider, if possible. You might be in an overly crowded area such as an arena – try to move somewhere else or try again later. If the above suggestions do not provide a solution, please contact us for further support

Your Profile

There are no limitations on transactions, but TransferWorld reserves the right to decline service based on account activity or our regulatory and legal terms.

There are different sources of income and ways to verify them: salary, can be verified with payslips copies, with tax statement or a salary contract; savings, can be verified with a bank statement or relevant documents regarding the source of income; property sale, can be verified with a copy of the property sale agreement; loan, please provide a copy of the loan agreement; inheritance: please upload the grant of probate and a bank statement showing the received funds and your current balance. Documentation required varies upon the source of income. In all cases please ensure names, dates, and all information on the document are clearly visible.

We sure hate to see you go and would be happy to know what we can do to maintain you as a client. if you still want to close your account, you must first ensure your account balance is zero, by transferring excess funds out or by balancing a negative with incoming funds. Afterward the account can be closed in your account management area.

If you want to change phone number on your account, you will need to have access to both numbers, as an SMS will be sent to both numbers in order to switch between the numbers and you will need to further verify the process by using your personal password.

Email address can be changed at any time in your personal account area under account management

Transactions & transfers

SWIFT payments are international transfers sent using the popular SWIFT international payment network for banks outside the Eurozone. It is one of the largest financial transfer systems in the world and we send and receive several currencies through it.

Our systems work automatically, but in case something is not in accordance with our internal procedures, members of our team must be involved to ensure your safety. To avoid transfer delays, we recommend that you provide documents that support the nature of your transaction. If not previously provided, you will be contacted or notified of the request for an "accompanying document".

If our system indentifies that additional information is required regarding the transfer or there is a problem with the details of the beneficiary's bank, the transfer may be delayed. To avoid such problems, we recommend that all the information and data provided are accurate and that all necessary documents have been uploaded.

Your monthly statement or statement for some specific period in time can be printed by navigating to transfers and choosing ‘print’.

Account Features

This added layer of security is recommended for business accounts, and consists of two protocols supported by TransferWorld. If you have a consistent IP Address, you can enable this restriction in the ‘account management’ area where you will be required to choose an IP you would like to authorize. Please note that by using this feature you will lose the ability to log in using your mobile device.

Once your account is approved, we will send your reference letter, including your TransferWorld eMoney account details. You will also have access to it under your ‘account management’ area.

Adding members to your business account is possible under ‘account settings > Account Roles > New Account Roles’ , and then you must choose a job title, and authorized actions for the account role.

If you already own a business account, you can create a private account with the same personal details with press of a button. Simply go to ‘account management’ and choose 'Create personal account'.

Business features

The following businesses and business activities disqualify you from holding a TransferWorld account: Escort, Adult, Dating with sexual intention, Pornography, Prostitution, Weaponry, Military, and Semi-military goods and services, military software. Trading in precious metals, stones, or art. Running an auction house. Cashback services. Drugs, any substance mimicking illegal drugs, and any product intended to be used to create drugs. Chemicals and related products. Trading protected animals and products derived from them. Video-game arcades. Secondhand cars trade. Binary options or illegal gambling/trading. Debt collection. Tarot and fortune-telling. Trading in prime-bank guarantees, debentures, and letters of credit or medium-term notes. Individuals, entities, or countries subjected to international sanctions. Nonprofit organizations, unregistered charities and registered charities outside from EEA and EU. Multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, shell banks, ponzi, pension / illegal schemes. Unregulated Foreign Exchange businesses, unregulated lending businesses, unregulated Money Service Businesses (MSB), unregulated remittance businesses, unregulated Casinos or Forex. In case you are unsure of our ability to accept your business, please feel free to contact us.

We support the following legal structures for business accounts: Private Limited Company (LTD), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Public Limited Partnership (PLC), Limited Liability Corporation(LLC), Sole Traders & Freelancers, Professional Corporations, Partnerships Unlimited Companies. At the present moment, we can't serve the following entities: Associations, SPVs, Public sector companies, Charities, Trusts, Venture capital funds, Foundations, or Cooperatives. If your company structure is not mentioned on the above list, please contact our support to see what we can do for you.

  1. Our online application form
  2. Photo scan of your passport (must be high-resoluion, clear, colored, uncropped, without shadows or reflections).
  3. Corporate documents for business account: Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and articles of association, License URL / Document (If business activity requires a license), any other relevant corporate documents depending on the country of registration, supporting documents on clients/suppliers (such as invoices, contracts, draft contracts).
  4. Documents for initial funding - If the first transfer is from an existing corporate bank account, a bank statement is needed. If first transfer will be from your client, an invoice and/ or contract is needed.
  5. Live verification by taking a clear photo with your Passport / ID Card, while ensuring necessary credentials are visible - verifying you are the owner of those identification paper.

Physical presence documented with proof of address is required for opening a TransferWorld business or personal account.

Proof of address must not be older than 90 days and it needs to include the name and physical address. Accepeted forms of proof of address are: Utility bills, for individuals - Bank statement or Utility bill (water, electricity, gas, landline phone) dated within 3 months. For businesses - the rental agreement for the company’s office, bank statement or utility bill (water, electricity, gas, landline phone) dated within 3 months. Where business bank statement or business utility bill is not available as an alternative a personal Proof of Address for one of the directors or shareholders with 25% and over is acceptable if the director or the shareholder resides in the same country where the company is incorporated

The following documents may be required for additional clarification:

  • National Companies Registry extract including operating address, Contract with a customer outlining the range of goods or services and the place they are provided, Government correspondence.
  • In case you are working from home, you can use your personal address and we accept the above or one of the following: television license, rental payment confirmation (invoice/ bill confirmation), Government correspondence, a rental agreement for your home.
  • In case you have another proof of address letter that is not mentioned in this page above, please contact our support and we will see if we can accept your documentation.

Account management

We provide our clients GBR account by default with all additional information required for the successful usage – account number, sort code, account confirmation letter.

Payments can be received from your PayPal account directly to your TransferWorld account, by linking the account using the steps below.

Firstly, log in to your PayPal account, open the "Wallet" screen and select "link bank account". Enter your TransferWorld eMoney account number. Details of the account for TransferWorld can be found in the "Reference Letter". If you have any difficulties, feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

Receive daily payouts from your Stripe account directly to your TransferWorld account by changing your Stripe payout settings by following the steps below.

To link your Stripe to your TransferWorld account, follow these steps: first log in to your Stripe account, then open "Settings" in the left menu, select "Bank accounts and scheduling", right-click "+ Add bank account" , enter the details of TransferWorld eMoney account you received.

Details of the account for TransferWorld can be found in the "Reference Letter".

Make sure that your default currency in Stripe is set to GBP. Please contact our support for any additional assistance required.

Online applications that are not fully filled in or that lack required documents, will not be reviewed until all fields and files are entered.

However, while your online application may be complete, there might be various reasons you may not be able to open an account with TransferWorld.

The most common ones are: restricted activity or country, missing necessary legal documents required, unsupported registration country, live verification failed or unfinished, online application details were incomplete.

Of course, there can be other reasons, but for more information please contact the TransferWorld customer support.

Currently, interest can not be earned on the funds held in your business account.


We are very familiar with the needs of companies and employees to transfer funds in different currencies and sort them directly into an alternative bank account at unmatched conversion rates. We are an EMI that understand your needs. We are here to help you transfer funds to the vendors, receive payments, and manage your finances with the latest technology, while taking advantage of the ever growing global banking system.

Beyond that, we know that as part of managing a business, there are payments to various providers. Unlike most companies that provide fund transfers and currency exchange services, we provide you with comprehensive solutions for all your business and personal needs. Our services can be tailored to your need so you can enjoy personally customized solutions.

Contrary to traditional banks, TransferWorld doesn't invest your funds, making them available to you always. TransferWorld is licensed and regulated and operated under the most stringent security protocols.

We are constantly looking for extraordinary people to extend one of the best Fintech companies in the world.
Working in TransferWorld is not just a job, it’s a full-time family that we are all immensely passionate about.

We are always looking to develop our collaborations and services for our customers.
If you have a question or offer that you think can interest us, please feel free to contact us.

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