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We are proud to provide currency exchange services for a variety of eMoney account holders, with no less than 25 different currencies. We are providing you with the tools which will cater to your every financial need. Our experience is your advantage!

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TransferWorld Is Secure

In a world where security breaches threaten our privacy, at TransferWorld we strive to meet the highest standards to safeguard our bank and your account around the clock. All of the services we offer are provided by licensed suppliers who uphold the strictest of standards.

Immediate transfers

Our platform allows you to instantly transfer or receive funds. Whether it's a paycheck or a payment request from a client we'll be sure to carry it out immediately, even on holidays.

Simple management

In an age when we frequently travel and seek convenience, our mobile phones have become a work tool for many purposes. Our unique interface is compatible with all mobile phones. Our app allows you to easily manage your account, carry out transfers, and receive payments anywhere and anytime.

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We believe in providing excellent customer service

Our customer support team is made up of patient and talented service professionals. We believe reliable and generous service is the key to success. At TransferWorld we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have, providing fast, efficient, and professional service. You don't need to go to the bank to enjoy excellent service anymore.

Complete and total security and verification

To secure your information and ensure we’re dealing with the right person, we employ a standard called KYC (Know Your Customer). This process allows us to identify our customers with complete certainty, so your personal information does not get compromised. As a prominent financial institution, we are fully committed to protecting your personal information and we employ the highest measures of security to ensure this.

Best online rates and commission

TransferWorld's wallet offers the best rates and commissions you can find online. Our platform interfaces with EMIs worldwide, enabling us to offer you the lowest exchange rates in real-time. You will benefit from making comfortable and worthwhile financial transactions.


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With a TransferWorld card, you will access your funds from anywhere around the world, instantly and securely.

Some advantages include:

  • Instant notifications regarding your transactions.
  • Online shopping made easy with our virtual cards.
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We are proud to be the trustworthy EMI you will choose to handle your finances with ease.

Our experience, hard work, and knowledge have allowed us to grow quickly while maintaining security and financial strength. The numbers speak for themselves.

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